About Us

20 fingers productions

We're a small, two-person team from Poznan, western Poland. We've started developing our first game, Lines of Fire, in 2013. Since then we try to stay independent to be able to focus on things we value the most, that is creating genuine mobile board games which are simple, fun and most importantly – games you'd truly love to play.

We strongly believe board games are meant to be played together so our games will always offer some kind of face-to-face mode.

Grab your tablet and get your family or friends around the table – there's always time for a decent play with real people!

We have real jobs and developing games is still our complementary occupation. So we hope you'll be patient and bear with us while we do our best perfecting and polishing our games for you. We always look forward to hearing your valuable feedback to make them even better, so never hesitate to contact us. We're here for you!


Long-term board game geek. Tweaking and inventing board and card games since childhood. The only thing he loves more than playing board games is creating new ones.


Technical half of the duo. Web programmer since 1998. Playing with mobile platforms since 2013. Lines of Fire is his first project in this area. Hopefully not the last one :)

We work closely with talented freelance graphic and video designers, so if you want to work with us or recommend some gifted individuals, you know what to do!