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Classic tactical wargame on the innovative digital board – enjoy the perfect boardgaming experience.

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Fog of War

The perfect implementation

We are really excited to introduce our unique and innovative Fog of War mode, which utilizes the basic tablet's feature to provide the best experience of covert maneuvers.

By simply tilting the tablet in the player's direction, all his/her units become visible and ready to take orders.

Putting the digital board flat on the table hides all opposing units, which do not have a clear line of sight to each other.

The perfect Fog of War implementation for your perfectly realistic combat experience.

100 unique missions

Western, Eastern and African Fronts

The game is loaded with wide choice of beautifully crafted colorful maps featuring variety of rural and urban terrain types: from Normandy's beaches and hedgerows, through cities and quiet villages, to desert landscapes.

Each map contains Strategic Locations – controlling the majority of them is the goal of the game.

The different landscapes on the maps require the players to utilize different tactics to gain victory.

Numerous unit types

With unique characteristics

Pick and choose from the variety of unit types to combine a perfect mixture of maneuverability and firepower that will grant your victory.

The units' characteristics are simple to grasp, yet provide wide range of tactical options to suit your command style.

You don't need any long reference tables – just a look at the map will give you clear oversight of the battle.

Our handy infobox feature will aid you instantly in case of any doubt – simply long press any hex.

Simple ruleset

Learn fast – enjoy long

Our main goal in creating Lines of Fire was to design a game with relatively simple rules, which at the same time will provide a very thematic feel to the gameplay.

The in-game tutorial, online manual and the system of contextual infoboxes explain the game rules in a clear and engaging way.

The fresh line-of-fire rules and fog-of-war feature add to the sustained satisfaction from the play.

Lines of Fire can be enjoyed by veteran wargamers as well as less experienced players and children.

Challenges & Special Actions

Each mission has its own story

16 Challenges work as thematic scenarios for most of the missions in the game, making each battle a different experience. Whether it’s an enemy offensive, hidden minefields or a night battle – the player is always challenged to overcome the unexpected.

And when the unexpected becomes overwhelming, Special Actions help turn the tide of the battle. 4 Special Actions are the scarce but powerful resource in the hands of a skilled Commander.

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User Ratings

What are players saying

Just great! This is a simple, addicting, tactical wargame with fast but really deep play.

Fagasha – Jun 14, 2015

I've had some really good hour plus long games against the AI.

Goonerman158 – Jul 14, 2014

The best tactical wargame.

Godsake – Aug 7, 2013

This is a great game for 1 or 2 players, casual gamers and those looking for a real challenge.

McLadeedah – Aug 2, 2013

Great simplified WWII tactics. Great game for two player.

Dr. Kaletronic – Jul 21, 2013

Fantastico! Better than Memoir'44! Great enjoyment and immersion.

Gandalf1964 – Jul 20, 2013

Lines of Fire 2

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